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What does code E90 mean on my bubble spa? What should I do if code E90 appears on my control panel?

If alarm code E90 is displayed on the control panel, it means no water is flowing through the system. Please check the following:

The filter cartridge is clean and properly installed.

To do this, turn off the control unit and remove the filter cartridge and the filter cartridge housing completely from the inside of the spa tub. Turn the control unit back on and try to run the spa as normal with these removed for a period of 1-2 hours.

  • If the spa works with the filter cartridge assembly removed, then it is likely to be a filter issue:

To clean the filter cartridge you can soak it in warm soapy water for 20-30 minutes, giving the surface a light brush. Then rinse with a power shower or something that has some force behind the water to get deep into the inner grooves. (Note: submerge and shake the cartridge under water for several times. Make sure there is no air inside before putting it into the cartridge housing)

  • If the E90 code appears instantly with the filter assembly removed:

It is likely to be an issue with the filter motor – you can buy replacement motors or claim a free  replacement under warranty via our Spare Parts Shop

  • If there is no water flowing after removing the filter cartridge assembly

Check and ensure the in/outlet connections between the spa tub and the spa control unit are not blocked, twisted or leaking.

  • If the E90 code appears after running for a while:

Check and ensure there is no debris inside the spa tub inlet and outlet grids. If there is debris inside, turn the control unit off, unscrew the spa inlet/outlet grid with a Phillip screwdriver. Clean and replace it back.

Make sure the spa water is clean and sanitized. Contact your local pool/spa specialist on water treatment and softener recommendation and always make sure it is PVC safe.

If E90 still shown, there might be something wrong with control base unit. Please contact us for further help.